>More Online Humiliation

>In a further effort to make my entire life public to the world, particularly any embaressing instances, here’s a link to all my yearbook photos from HSU, which my lovely employer the UNT Libraries have just digitized.

Ah, more fodder for being teased at work–just what everyone needs, eh?


4 thoughts on “>More Online Humiliation

  1. vphill says:

    >At least we will be putting up the UNT yearbooks soon so we might be seeing Melody, LouAnn, Cathy and others to share in your humiliation.

  2. Tigpan says:

    >This has brought me much joy today MUCH joy! I have not laughed so hard (not at you..at everyone else..dude did you see GARETH!) Plus I sent pics of Matt Chandler over to staff at the Village church who I know will make good use of them! *insert wicked laughYou are a jewel my friend! One day perhaps we’ll get to see each other again…as we do live in the same town! 🙂 Well metroplex anyway!

  3. Starrlett says:

    >Mark: Heh, heh, AWESOME. I went hunting for Alex and one of my best friends last night, and laughed myself silly.Bryce: Oh, I know, right? On Alex’s page in 1998, we were laughing at Chad Henkle getting swapped with a chick. Heh.Amanda: Oh gosh, now I have to go find Gareth’s photo!!! Rofl! Yes, we need to get together… what are your week/weekend schedules like?

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