>It’s July Already?



This post isn’t going to be about Alex’s adventures in St. Pete, but as I’m spending part of my Sunday afternoon going through our stuff on Flickr, I thought I might post one of my favorite shots from his trip. Gorgeous, eh?

Last night, we went to Fort Worth for a date night. We ate dinner at the Flying Saucer, an establishment so centered around their international alcohol that I thought for a minute the waitress was going to throw us out when we said we weren’t drinking tonight. However, the food was quite good; I enjoyed a goat cheese/cranberry/walnut salad, and Alex had a buffalo chicken wrap. Then we indulged in some kind of ice cream/chocolate cake drenched in raspberry sauce.

The Bass was gorgeous, and Avenue Q was great. So, so great. We kept joking throughout the first act that we’d see a bunch of empty seats after intermission, due to the, ahem, controversial nature of the show. And sure enough, the four seats to our left were empty throughout the entire Act 2, despite the fact that one of the guys had been laughing his head off. My theory is that he’s going to get heck from his wife for laughing at all.

Today, we’ve had pancakes and some lazing about, and now we’re back to work–Alex literally working on work stuff, me working on getting papers together for house financing, and travel receipts to file tomorrow, then the last three weeks (and four trips’ worth) of laundry, and I had been planning on ripping CDs and organizing our mp3 players…. but yeah. So far, I’ve managed to throw up my hands in frustration over my lack of cohesive plans for my 30th birthday party, and add tags to some images on Flickr. And, er, there’s this post.

I’ve still got a ton of photos and content to post for the last three trips (plus earlier stuff that I’m not even going to think about at the moment)… here are two brief notes:

  • I was just in Anaheim, Abilene, and Austin. What’s up with the A-town theme?
  • I have now come to realize that Austin is the avacado capitol of Texas. And also has the most fantastic waiting service I have ever enjoyed. I have now made my peace with this town, and accept its eccentricities as charming (with the exception of the awful highway system, which I did not personally have to deal with on this particular trip).

4 thoughts on “>It’s July Already?

  1. Cari says:

    >Fort Worth rocks!! (Im such a Tarrant Country girl!)Glad you had a great time. I’ll have to read up on Ave Q. I had several coworkers going to see it too.hmmm…I guess we missed out on the cool spot Saturday night 🙂

  2. Mai says:

    >Hi Starr! I should go to Fort Worth sometime. Haven’t been there in a long time. Is the Flying Saucer the same as the one in Addison where you walk out smelling like an ashtray? Or is the ventilation better in Ft Worth? 🙂

  3. Mylene says:

    >In that case, don’t go to the one in Addison. The only time I have gone there was to meet a friend (who likes that place) but even in the winter, I have to leave my jacket in the car, otherwise it’ll smell like an ashtray!

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