>Extra, Extra: .Gov Harvest!

>Yep, UNT has joined the efforts to harvest the Bush Administration’s “webstuffs.” Not only can you read about it on the Washington Post (also on NextGov), but you can read a fun quote from my boss Suzanne:

“When Bush took over, the second that he was sworn in, the White House Web site went from being this massive collection of important links to a picture of Bush and his biography and a picture of [Vice President] Cheney and his biography,” Sears said. “We don’t want to see that happen again. . . . It’s just very important for history’s sake that this material is archived the way that the printed material has always been archived.”

In other news, Murphy’s Law states that any time the Washington Post calls about your Digital Collections, you will be out sick and your boss will be interviewed instead. Ah, well–such is life, eh?


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