>FGI Blogger of the Month

>That’s right, I’m pleased and honored to report that I’ll be guest blogging at FGI this month!

I’ll probably be redirecting some posts to that content for September, but will resume regular content here in October.

Hmmm… I expected to be newsier than this, but I’m just back from vacation and my head’s buried in my statistics textbook, and the brain cells really have nothing more to give at this point. Ah well, try again tomorrow, eh?


3 thoughts on “>FGI Blogger of the Month

  1. Starrlett says:

    >:) Thanks, Rebecca!And… Adam, thanks for the link. Yeah, I had briefly heard about this, in relation to the similar project by the Library of Congress (UNT is a partner in the project).Google just loves to dabble in everything, don’t they?

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