>So, apparently, “survey saysconservatives are boring and liberals are messy. I’m offended on behalf of both sides of the aisle.

Granted, my quirky mindset (aka “moderate”) is such that I’m labeled either liberal or conservative, usually whatever is the opposite of the person I happen to be chatting with. This is one of those many reasons I don’t tend to volunteer a lot of political opinions. So I suppose that, having been labeled as both, it’s easy for such a vapid article to get under my skin.

Then again, there’s just the eye-rolling aspect of it. Surveying political opinions and then having strangers rate the tidiness or stylishness of workspaces? Somebody has a heck of a lot more time on their hands than I do.

Of course, then there’s this David Cronenberg quote:
All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you fought against as a youth: you begin to realize they’re stereotypes because they’re true.

When means… I’m boring and messy? TouchĂ©!


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