>Librarian Fangirliness

>I’m not saying I was obsessively bit by the Twilight bug or anything (yeah yeah, we can discuss the last book later)…. but here’s a little something from libraryland to further the girlish shrieks of delight.

Of course, it can’t beat the Yoda or Batgirl READ posters… or the other DC ones, or all the LOTR ones, or Neil Gaiman and Sandman. But still.

I can see I need to add quite a few items to my Christmas wishlist… furthering my family’s evidence of my intense geekery and nerdishness.


2 thoughts on “>Librarian Fangirliness

  1. Claire says:

    >Yay, I’ve never posted on your blog before! Of course, it would be a post about freaking TWILIGHT that would drag me out of the lurk. Ashley and I were discussing this READ poster the other day and how INCENSED we are that they have a Twilight READ poster before a Harry Potter READ poster. Um…HELLO?!?!?!?!

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