>Drizzly Sunday

>Alex tells me I shouldn’t complain about 66-degree weather; it’s 29 in the Ukraine. And he doesn’t have warm toasty slippers like I do. Guess he’s got a point.

Etsy seller secondseed just finished my fingerless black gloves–I can’t wait to get them!!

Our Star Wars bedding has been making me smile all day. Just wait until we get the matching sheets! (Since we were low on pillowcases for our less-exciting sheet sets, I also bought a Spiderman case for Alex and a Batman case for me.)

Saw Twilight yesterday morning with my gals Carolyn and Amy, and went out afterward for lunch and gal-time. It was wonderful overall, and the movie was fun: a decent mix of genuinely good/awesomely cheesy/painfully awkward and forced. Not sure what I thought of the glitter effect–but then, wasn’t sure what I thought of it in the book, either. It was a bit more subtle than I was expecting, which almost made it seem more ridiculous to me. This doesn’t really make sense; I think there was probably no way they could have made me happy.

I’m nearly done with the reading material for my Finance class, and will make my final posts tonight. I also need to check some due dates for other homework, to see where I am as we near semester’s end. …Is it December 12th yet? I’m ready for that break now.

(Also ready for Thanksgiving, and my hubbie back.)


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