>The Prodigal Blogger Returns!

>I’m up to my ears in web updates, email, and things I haven’t remembered that I’ve forgotten, so I’ll make this quick. I just had to share that you can now purchase Academic Library Outreach: Beyond Campus Walls; my print copy arrived on Tuesday! It’s my first published book chapter, so I’m a little beside myself–my deepest thanks to my coauthors, Suzanne Sears and Annie Downey. They provided the real “meat” for the chapter, I just helped mash it all together.

And today I got a second surprise–I received three copies of the Journal of Web Librarianship, Volume 2 Number 4–with not one but two of my book reviews in it!

Thanks to my Essentials of Academic Publishing class last semester, I’ve already got another book review I’m shopping around, and nearly done with a paper. And then there’s the research project Annie and I have started on… whew! Never a dull moment.

Hopefully I can stick to my writing schedule despite this semester’s near-insane course load… my publishing class had me doing well with at least an hour of writing each week day, but I fell off the wagon in November. Ah well, here’s to the second try!


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