>Spring 2009

>Fulltime work and fulltime school allow for little else… I’m hoping to blog more over the summer once classes are over. But for now, here’s the quick update:

  • We’ve moved! My drive is shorter, the house is great, and there are lots of crazy DIY projects in our future. (And yeah, it’s rather scandalously large–we weren’t looking for anything that grand, but it was the right price.)

  • Alex is still doing a lot of work traveling, and is on a crazy overseas-more-than-home schedule for awhile. He’s very much enjoying the work, and I’m glad he isn’t just stuck home evenings, watching me do homework.
  • I will complete my PhD’s residency requirement May 14th, and will be taking NO classes this summer. I will be taking two classes in fall again, but won’t have to take fulltime school ever again (unless, for some crazy reason I actually want to).
  • Once this semester is done, I will have completed 39 out of 60 credit hours for my degree… I’m hoping to finish up classes in about a year and a half–I think December 2010 will finish me up. (Then it’s on to the dissertation, but let’s not talk about that, as I don’t need any further reason to hyperventilate.)
  • I’m getting excited, now that summer is in sight. My summer projects include: 2 (3?) research projects, finishing the first draft of my novel, some DIY house stuff, unpacking the house, rediscovering that “art” thing I used to do, and possibly learning how to knit. Also, helping my BFF/”sis” Amy with her new arrival sometime around June (I’m so glad I live close now!).
  • My mom is the Best Ever; she’s come to spend over a week with me, to both keep me company while Alex is gone, and to start painting this mammoth house. Huzzah!!

Oh yeah–I also hear this rumor that after classes are done, I can READ FOR FUN this summer. Hmmm. I may have to try this odd idea.

Looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all, come June. Why hello, there Social Life! I’ve forgotten what you looked like!!

UPDATE: ooo, look, new blog colors! thought it was high-time for even a tiny refresh.
UPDATE 2: i forgot to include a photo of the new house. sigh, silly me!


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