What Have I Learned This Semester?

  • I admire John Dewey, and would like to read more of his thoughts on education.
  • Ideas about American higher education and its purpose are far more rooted in our nation’s basic democratic ideals than I realized.
  • For-profit institutions are just another variation in the spectrum of higher ed institutions, and equally legitimate.
  • Higher educational boards have an amazing amount of control over most colleges & universities, whether public or private, and few board members have backgrounds in education. Their motives may be varied, and their decisions difficult to understand. But that’s the system we must learn to work within.
  • Quantitative statistics can be useful, interesting, and understandable if taught well.
  • That having been said; I do not think quantitatively. My research questions tend to be inherently qualitative.
  • It is possible to write 5 class papers, 1 article, 4 conference papers, and 7 presentations in a single semester. But I don’t recommend it.
  • Housework suddenly becomes an attractive activity when there is that much writing to put off. (I don’t think I’ve had a busier semester or a cleaner house.)
  • The unexpected “interruptions” in my workday tend to be the most important parts of my work. I’m happiest and most effective when I recognize this, and fluidly allow my schedule to be altered.
  • I’m more productive when I “schedule” some time for play and creativity. I spend less time aimlessly “goofing off,” and I’m more productive when I get back to homework and work projects.

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