Making the Best of It

Well, everyone on my Dallas-to-Madrid flight was bumped from our connection to Athens. American Airlines was decent enough to provide a nice hotel room and meal vouchers, but all of tomorrow will be spent flying from Madrid to Munich, then Munich to Athens, to arrive at 9:30pm (and that’s not even my final destination). All of that means that I will miss at least one full day of the conference in Crete, unfortunately.

The good news is that the hotel is nice, the buffet was amazing (though I could only sample small portions of it, thanks to my root canals earlier this week), and I had dinner with three nice gals from Paris. I also got to sleep in a bed for the first time since Friday evening (when I napped before dinner today).

I’m trying to make the best of it and accept that travel often throws these unexpected things at you. I’ll have time on the flights tomorrow to get some off-line work done, hopefully. And I used my afternoon here at the hotel to get some of my travel within Greece nailed down a little more. Plus, my sight-seeing day is scheduled at the end of the trip, so I should have a day to see the archaeological digs at Knossos, and perhaps a museum in Athens on the way back.

And thank goodness that 1) I didn’t have any transportation to Crete already scheduled, 2) I didn’t have any hotel reservations to cancel, and 3) my three presentations are on Thursday and Friday, giving me plenty of time to get there. Hooray for small graces!


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