Christmas Letter 2010

It’s been a whirlwind year after several whirlwind years, and I hardly know where to begin. I think maybe I’ll just make a few lists…

(By the way, all the dotted-underlined-things link to more information or photos or whatnot. Enjoy!)

2010, Aralani Photography



This month, Alex and I celebrate our tenth anniversary. Yes, that’s right; our marriage is officially a 5th-grader.

Our careers & such:

  • Alex is Director of Engineering at QuickOffice, the software development company at which he’s been for 5 years. He works roughly 3 weeks out of every month in Kharkov, Ukraine, where he runs an office of 50+ people.
  • This summer, I was promoted to Department Head of Government Documents Dept. at the UNT Libraries, where I’ve been for 4+ years. I manage 6 full-time staff and 8 student workers.
  • I just finished my last two classes toward my PhD in Higher Education! I’ll be taking qualifying exams and oral exams in the spring, and then hope to complete my dissertation within a year and a half or so. I’m working on my dissertation topic now–currently it’s about the educational background of academic library deans and how it relates to the academic mission of various colleges & universities, but we’ll see how it develops.

Our recent travels:

  • This month, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary for two weeks in Peru.
  • In August, we took ten days together in Helsinki, Talin, and St. Petersburg.
  • In addition to his flying between DFW and Ukraine, Alex visited Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Giethoorn, Crimea, Krakow, Istanbul, Dortmond (Germany) and Delhi & Pune (India)… I can’t keep all his awesome travels straight, to tell you the truth.
  • I presented three academic papers at a conference in Chania, Crete (Greece!).
  • Alex went to a developer’s conference in San Fran (I tagged along & we took anniversary photos in our wedding finery!) and an executive summit in Seattle (wish I could have gone!).
  • I also attended library conferences in DC & Boston, and visited family in St. Louis. (No, I don’t really earn the same frequent-flier miles that Alex does!)

Random bits:

  • We moved to Frisco (just north of Dallas) a little less than 2 years ago. (Well, I live here, and Alex visits!)
  • We got a (fantastic) roommate, Claire.
  • I taught myself how to knit.
  • Alex learned to snowboard.
  • We went to a Rangers/Giants ALCS game (although sadly Alex was out of town for the World Series).
  • Nope, no kiddos, but we’ve got 5 rambunctious nephews!
  • I can now perform a multiple regression. (Slowly, and with much painful thought.)

With Alex away so much and me bogged down in school, we regret that we haven’t been able to spend much time with our family and friends this year. We want you to know that we think of you all often and pray for your health and joy.

We wish you…
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & Happy Holidays!

Bridge in Muir Woods, Aralani Photography



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