My So-Called Online Life

First, I had a blog.
I was all kinds of geeky on it. It was fun, and the bonus was that my parents and friends had a rough idea of what I was up to.

Then, I had another blog.
Because spilling my geekiest thoughts wasn’t enough, I also wanted to ruminate on research and librarianship and academia… in a slightly-more professional space.

Then, there was Twitter…
…which I hated until I used it to successfully answer a reference question, and am now hooked. Yet another way that I can avoid contacting people by phone, the internet version of texting, hurray!

Then, there was Facebook.
And my blogs died. Why spend hours writing a post when I can summarize my day/thoughts in a single sentence through Twitter and Facebook, often simultaneously? When you’re working fulltime and in school and trying to renovate a house, why on earth was I trying to keep up with two blogs?

Then, about two weeks ago, I finally figured out what Tumblr was for.
I think. Maybe. Might need clarification on that still.

(Are you beginning to notice a bit of a theme with my screen name? Have you been brainwashed yet into believing that this librarian is, in fact, both geeky and an artist?)

Cut back to present day.
I realize that I’m about to embark on my dissertation & leave classwork behind me. Theoretically, my life will be simpler. I’m writing creatively again. There may be some use to having more of an online presence than tweeting random thoughts and RT-ing messages by Wil Wheaton and Neil Gaiman (fantastic as they are). The Roomie has an awesome blog that is alternately humorous and thought-provoking. I should probably get on that. Heck, I’m already using WordPress for my professional e-portfolio.

So yeah, I’m blogging again.
Which, if you are here reading this, you probably already know. I just wanted to explain the reason I’m on my third blog address, primarily to justify it to myself. Oy, vey.


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