Fun-Fun Friday

It’s Friday, which means my head is full of knitting and TV shows and baking and fashion ideas… and also a list of actual productive things I ought to do this weekend instead of pondering the previous notions. My previously-scheduled Open-Water Dive Certification course for this weekend was cancelled, which leaves me disappointed, but simultaneously full of glee at the prospect of an entire unplanned weekend. SQUEE!

At least one of my weekend projects will combine creativity, fun, and a healthy dose of productiveness: jerry-rigging a coffee table. Or, as my neo-yuppie generation would have it, DIY-ing a coffee table, although in this instance since the solution is likely only temporary, jerry-rigging is more apt.

We’re having a birthday party for my lovely mother-in-law at our house next weekend, and in the midst of listing groceries, decorations, and tasks, I realized that I still haven’t purchased a coffee table for our living room. Hence, there will be people balancing cups and food-laden plates on their laps unless I find a solution. I’ve been haunting Craigslist for an appropriately styled, sized, and priced option for nearly 9 months and due to my incredible pickiness, nothing has surfaced. However.

Let me preface this: my husband and I are both second-generation packrat-DIY-ers. This means that we have a garage and a spare bedroom incredibly full of stuff I’m desperately trying to shed. One of those odd items is a rather large wooden crate, not very attractive, which I have absolutely no idea how/where on Craigslist to post. While raiding my garage for potential coffee table solutions, I realized that if put on its side, it’s a good height and length for our couches… but it’s too ugly in its structure even to be painted. So I’m noodling around the idea of wrapping it in a colorful printed tablecloth, folding it at the short edges neatly, and then affixing them at the bottom with black binder clips.

If it works well enough, it might simply stay there after the party, as I need a place to put my tea/books/knitting/feet when seated. And I like the idea that I may not have to get rid of that crate after all. It’s marvelous when you can use a little creativity to transform laziness into home decor by way of environmentally-friendly reuse!


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