Just wanted to let you all know that my doctoral qualifying exams will start tomorrow, Monday March 21st, and won’t end until Monday March 28th. It’s a take-home ordeal which essentially boils down to writing four to five research-papers in the space of a week. Please be keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

Since one week is very little time for so much research and writing, I’m going into blackout-mode this week. I’m scheduling some blog/photo content to post during the week, but plan not to be actively online except for research purposes.  I won’t be answering any email, text messages, or phone calls… I’m posting this primarily to let my family & friends know that this does not mean that I’m sick, dead, incapacitated from a fall down a flight of stairs, or angry at you. 🙂  I’ll resume normal contact Tuesday, March 29th. (Well, maybe give me a few days to work through my email backlog. But I’ll happily return texts to let you know I’m alive.)

I love you all so much!!  Your support & understanding has been tremendous through every step of this process. This is just one big hurdle to jump through before I get to start my dissertation, the beginning of the end!


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