Fun Fridays: Pulp Non-Fiction

This stack of magazines is a good summary of the kind of things I find awesome: OD-ness, nerding, geekery, girlie-ness.


  • Real Simple: This magazine truly has it all: home decor, creative re-uses for common items, organization & cleaning tips, thoughtful essays, and affordable classic fashion.
  • Smithsonian: History, science, art, and culture all in one spot. Perfect for getting my Indiana Jones fix.
  • Wired: Geeky fun of all kinds, from pop-culture to thought-provoking. Even better, this issue has a story on DIY stuff.

Store Purchases:

  • In Style: Purchased because Tina Fey is on the cover. I do love my girl Tina! Furthermore, there is the cover’s magical promise that this is “The COLOR Issue,” which means two things: 1) fashion spreads, and 2) COLOOOORRRRR! I’m all about that.
  • Vogue: Purchased when I needed a little fashiony-artsy-fun pick-me-up.

Any of these glossy magazines is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon read while painting my toenails a shiny color.  Mmmm, I can taste the cool green tea now.

What glossy cover tempts you in line at the Kroger?


2 thoughts on “Fun Fridays: Pulp Non-Fiction

  1. Claire says:

    Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and all those, like, Decorate Your Charming Cottage magazines always beckon to me. They are so clean and industrious-looking! And usually there is some kind of pastry recipe involved. Not that I cook. I just like looking at the pictures.

    Again, I love how this assortment of magazines so perfectly fits you. 🙂

    • Starr Hoffman says:

      Pastry recipe, YES! This makes me think that there should be a magazine called “Stuff to Read, TV & Movies to Watch, & Stuff to Eat Involving Cheese.”
      I would subscribe immediately.

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