Initial Meeting: Post-Op

I just met with my dissertation committee chair, whom I’ll refer to as Dr. C for the purposes of this blog. We talked about my current version of the topic, which is more census-like in nature, and my concept of it last semester, which included a measure of leadership effectiveness. I explained my reluctance to tie leadership effectiveness to educational attainment, particularly because effectiveness is difficult to judge in academic libraries. Dr. C suggested looking at leadership inventories across different constructs or skillsets; I could look at correlations between educational attainment and strength in particular areas of leadership, and subdivide it by institutional type, etc. He also suggested I think about expanding the participants to include one lower level of leadership (associate deans/directors), which is intriguing.

My next plan of action:

  • expand my literature search to look at methodology; specifically, how were surveys of academic librarians disseminated, and what was their response rate? based on that, how can I get high response rate?
  • look at various instruments measuring leadership constructs/areas (rather than effectiveness); are they electronic? are they expensive? how have they been used?
  • specifically, look at Kouzes and Posner’s instrument
  • look for opportunities for an association, group, or individual sponsor for the research to encourage a higher response rate
  • divide the literature into 4-5 broad themes (already done this, woohoo!)

The other topic on our to-do list is locate a copy of my degree plan, as it’s mysteriously missing from my file. Hmm. I know we got that turned in…


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