Well, my degree plan was truly missing; no one has a signed copy. Since we had placeholder committee members on it anyway, we’re trying to nail down the final committee and get a newly-signed degree plan in place by the beginning of next week. Um… eek?

After speaking with Dr. C, I’ve been looking at leadership inventories in order to identify a good instrument (survey) to catalog leadership traits. I’ve also spoken with one faculty member about joining my committee, and have an appointment to speak with the other tomorrow (er, today, I suppose, since it’s past midnight). I’ve slightly revised my focus statement to reflect the addition of the leadership piece, in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting.

There are currently no agreed-upon standard educational requirements for the position of an academic library dean. I am studying the educational attainment and leadership styles of currently-employed academic library deans in the United States because I want to discover how the advanced degrees that they hold relate to leadership style as well as to institutional and library characteristics and mission, in order to better prepare those who aspire to become academic library deans and to inform hiring administrators and search committees so that they may decide what educational requirements are appropriate for their institution.

I briefly looked through a few different inventories, but my brain is quite fried after a particularly full and crazy work day, and I don’t think any of it sunk in. I think it’s time for a little light reading and then bed.


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