*cough, cough*

Yes, I’m still around. I’ve been down and out for over a week with what could most accurately be called a respiratory infection, but what I’m referring to as the Great Icky Chest Plague of 2011. Four days of fever and we even pulled out the nebulizer to give me breathing treatments–fantastic!

My thoughts upon receiving my first Albuterol treatment, which makes you jittery and wired beyond all belief?

  • I feel like Christopher Lloyd looks. (“Great Scott!”)
  • I feel like I’m riding a motorcycle. Naked.

Needless to say, this amused my husband. I’m now taking the treatments in the early evening after work, when I won’t be required to use my brain or sit still like a normal person.

And, sadly, that’s all I have to say about that.


One thought on “*cough, cough*

  1. Momo says:

    I did wonder if you were still amoung us. Donna called to tell me howsick you both were. Last week!!! Hope you get over this all really soon. Love Momo

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