TALL Texans Reflection, Day 1

Today we looked at definitions of leadership, took a leadership inventory (I’m a “counselor” across the board), learned about effective communication, heard from the mentors at this retreat, and discussed risk.

Random Reflections

  • I was surprised to find that comparative to the group, I’ve taken some rather large risks, despite being naturally risk-averse.
  • I really like the risk-taking model with specific steps and questions to consider about both the potential gains and the potential losses. This will help me expand on my usual tactic of thinking about the worst-case scenario, and make better judgments about my risk decisions.
  • The mentors discussion emphasized both career planning and unexpected turns, that it’s okay to change your plans. I found this particularly reassuring, as I’ve felt confident about a specific career direction twice in my life and seem to keep finding myself changing my mind or falling into a different opportunity. It’s reassuring to realize that this isn’t necessarily indicative of me being a weak decision-maker or bad planner or a person who gets easily distracted, but that some lives are more circuitous than others.
  • It was also interesting to see a number of strong, female leaders who have made decisions at one time or another to follow their husband’s career, but who are confident enough to say that was a partnership decision, not a traditional submission role. I have problems accepting that sometimes, considering I’m the competitive person in my marriage, although I make far less money and have less experience in my career than my husband does.

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