ЛРИВЕТ! (Privet, aka: Hello!)

So, I’ve been away from the blog for awhile. What have i been up to, you ask? Oh, just the usual; managing the department, trying to pound my research into some semblance of a dissertation proposal, and somehow reducing massive amounts of house clutter so that our eternal Box Room can instead become a Guest Room. I have lots of bloggy thoughts on my way to work, but by the time I finish all my tasks in the evening, my brain’s completely forgotten not only them, but also my name and any passwords I might need to know. Quite inconvenient!

I’ve actually got a little breather here, though. This is day four of my five-day stay in Kharkov, Ukraine visiting Alex (I’m out of town for a full week and a half because of three days spent traveling to/from here and then a conference in Philadelphia). My iPhone has been flaky with wifi all week, so I’ve been able to only use short bursts of connectivity to post some photos and check Twitter & email… this post comes courtesy of my location in Alec’s office building, having absconded with his iPad (muwhahaha!).

The weather here is amazing, not only compared to Ukranian winter (aaiieeeee!) but also cooler compared to Dallas. There has also been air conditioning a few more places than I expected, though it’s by no means universal. I found Garnier Fructisse hair products at a store (I left my hairspray at home in my haste to pack), bought a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust in Russian (to practice the language with Alex), have been around several parks, a zoo, and mostly just enjoyed walking the streets when there is no snow and all the trees are leafy and green. Apparently I’m going with one of the visiting execs to get our nails done; they do these amazingly intricate patterns and gel manicures are cheap… we’ll see how long I can stand having artifical tips once back in the States. I’m hoping that a gel manicure will last a bit longer than my typical one to two days before destroying my nails (seriously, you’d think I was a coal miner instead of a librarian!).

The strangest thing, though, is the time difference. I’m used to being on the opposite side of things, where Alex goes to bed during my afternoon-time. Now, I’m refreshing Twitter and wondering where everybody is, before I remember that 2:45pm for me means 6:45am for Dallas. So… wake up already, everybody!


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