So after about 7 hours home (most of which was spent unpacking and repacking), I’m now in Philadelphia for the annual conference for AALL (Association of American Law Librarians). It’s been fantastic fun thus far, and that’s not just the gelato from lunch talking. (Although it helps.)

My favorite sessions today have been about turning blog posts into articles, and about the legal battle to exhume Meriweather Lewis’s (yes, the “Lewis & Clark” dude) remains to determine whether his death was in fact a suicide as originally determined, or a murder as is highly suggested by the historic evidence. Yes, there was in fact a session that combined my geeky love of forensic science, history, and law. This conference is THAT AMAZING.

You can follow my conference experience on twitter and flickr.


One thought on “Philly!

  1. Claire says:

    That conference does indeed sound AMAZING. And not just because of the gelato. No, really. That “exhuming” stuff reminds me of Bones, and I think we can all agree that’s always a good thing.

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