Change of Season

Yesterday I was reading an post on winter rituals to look forward to. Today the air is actually chilly and it’s rained a bit, and I indulged in a pumpkin-spice latte and a cream-cheese-frosted pumpkin muffin. Yay, Autumn!

Since it’s been chilly in my office for the past few weeks (though not outside), I’ve been periodically wearing cardigans… but I’m debating if that’s my best choice. Being nervous about my impending First Ukrainian Winter (in my mind, it’s always capitalized), I want to acclimate myself to chilly and then cold weather as soon as possible, making me think I should hold off on the toasty threads. Then again, I’m excited about the cool weather right now, and sweaters will seem old hat soon enough–I’d like to start wearing them when I’m excited and happy. Back and forth, the Great Sweater Debate rages in my head all day long. Today, I compromised: I’m wearing a 1/2 sleeve blazer.

Things I’m genuinely looking forward to:

  • Snuggling in blankets.
  • Hot drinks!
  • My new sweater coat/cape/cuddly warm thing.
  • Hot stews & soups & casseroles… mmm, comfort food.
  • Sparkly holiday decorations.
  • Snow. Yes, I know I’ll get sick of it soon enough, but I’m going to soak up all the enjoyment of the novelty of snow while it lasts!
  • SCARVES. I love scarves: making them, buying them, wearing them, displaying them in a tumultuous rainbow of color in my closet. I’ve got light ones for summer, but they’s just more fun in fall/winter.

Alex and I plan to make escapes to warmer areas as much as possible in winter, and I’m particularly looking forward to a dive trip we’ve scheduled for his birthday in late January. I’m hoping these periodic escapes will help make the dark, cold days more bearable.

I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on related to Ukraine specifically, Eastern Europe in general, and expatriate living. My friend Tihleigh sent along this particularly thought-provoking article about how one American couple who moved to Russia decided to have their three children taught at a Russian school. Being that it’s about Eastern Europe, expats, and education, I found it fascinating. I don’t know that I’d have the guts to do that, if we had kids, but the outcome sounds amazing.

But back to winter. What are you looking forward to?

2 thoughts on “Change of Season

  1. Kathy says:

    If you won’t have to drive in the snowy weather (will you? is the mass transit there adequate?) it won’t be as irritating and you can enjoy it more 8-).

  2. Pigeon Heart says:

    That will be something to get used to, I am sure! I am also looking forward to the winter. I am looking forward to catching up w/ myself and ‘turning in’, where reading comes along, arts, baking, making soups, snuggling, watching an entire movie… And hopefully snow!
    PS I like your blog!

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