Identity Crisis, Part I

And so it begins… correcting my name spelling in a session blurb in next year’s program for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference brought up the question: what is my new position and affiliation? No longer Head, Government Documents, UNT Libraries, but…

  • PhD candidate, Higher Education, University of North Texas
  • Independent Researcher / Consultant, Ukraine
  • Expatriate Grad Student, Country of Eternal Winter
  • Former Documents Librarian, UNT
  • That Girl Who Moved to Ukraine Last Year
  • …You Know, The Short Spiky-Red-Haired One
  • That Gal Who Moved Abroad And Froze to Death (well, I guess I wouldn’t need a blurb in that case)
  • Drama Queen (this is definitely the most accurate…)

Hmmm. Not even moved yet, and wondering what to put in my email signature and program blurbs. Sigh.

Anybody else a grad student without a full time position? What do you put on business cards, websites, program proposals, etc.? If you formerly had a full time professional position, do you allude to that at all? Do you feel it’s a struggle to “prove” you’re a professional, or is being a PhD candidate enough credential itself?

I will sure miss having legit business cards.


2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis, Part I

  1. Claire says:

    I don’t have answers to your questions in that last paragraph, BUT it seems to me that a PhD candidate with your work experience and professional development credentials is MORE than enough to be taken seriously during this unconventional time.

    It’s a good thing you’re such a fashionista! You should be able to craft lots of stylish new hats in no time. 🙂

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