This is a pretty fantastic month.

  • MLB playoffs (GO RANGERS!)
  • crisp air (well, when it’s not 90-something in Dallas)
  • long blue autumnal shadows
  • a holiday which gives the excuse for mild-mannered people to dress in costume (no, I don’t really need an excuse, but I like seeing everyone else break out of their shell of normalcy)
  • that same holiday resulting in leftover chocolate treats at work
  • busting out my selection of hot cocoas and cider to add to the coffee & teas
  • it starts with “octo,” which makes me think of “octopus,” and i really like those funny guys
  • i have a more legitimate excuse to start Christmas shopping (though i usually have things bought by July anyway)
  • Charlie Brown & the Great Pumpkin (’nuff said)
  • pumpkin-flavored drinks and desserts
  • ridiculously huge and ridiculously small pumpkins for sale at the grocery store
  • fall color (by which i mean the few times i’ve been out of the state during this month to see it, and then seeing autumnal trees on TV shows… wow, that’s rather sad)
  • the excuse to start wearing sweaters without yet being miserably cold (again, I’m talking about any year other than the current Texas Uber Summer of Foreveritude)
  • …seriously, pumpkin-spice lattes. I know, I already covered those, but IT NEEDS TO BE MENTIONED AGAIN. yumtastic.

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