Weekend Planning

What I need to do this weekend:

  • laundry
  • pack
  • dishes
  • pack some more
  • put things on Cragislist
  • still more packing
  • file papers
  • pay bills & schedule next month’s payments
  • treat fire ant mounds
  • work out
  • read articles for dissertation
  • finish 5 or 6 in-progress blog posts
  • organize all our photos
  • backup DVR content
  • rip digital copies of a stack of movies
  • what’s that you say? oh PACK STUFF

What I want to do this weekend:

  • sleep in, aka Blanket Snuggling Time
  • watch Project Runway with Claire on Fat Couch & Alex on Skype to help me criticize outfits & temper tantrums
  • go snuggle my BF Amy’s new baby boy, Max
  • eat delightful yet bad-for-me-things
  • bake pumpkin muffins (see above)
  • read fun delightful things
  • bootleg a digital copy of Crazy Stupid Love and watch it three times

Inevitably, it will end up a combination of the two. Which activities will win out? THE SUSPENSE, I’m sure it’s killing you!!!

…Don’t ask me, I just took some Excedrin and drank a bunch of coffee. My mind might not be working at top-notch, but at least it’s working SUPERCRAZYFASTYIPPEEEEEE. Um. Watch out, y’all.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Planning

  1. Momo says:

    You did not tell me Max was here. Part of why I got back on to Facebook was to see a pic of him when he came. Great to talk to you. LUZ, Momo

  2. Starr Hoffman says:

    Well, I got three things on the “need” list done, plus a bunch of other errands I didn’t think of until after writing the post, so that’s a win. Plus, I did four of the “want” things, plus watching two World Series games (go Rangers!!!), so that sounds like a well-rounded weekend to me! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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