All Hallow’s Leave

I couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate last day at work. Yesterday on Halloween, I:

  • dressed as Harry Potter
  • won “best costume” at the UNT Libraries Halloween Party
  • posed with Darth Vader (& brandished a chopstick-wand at him)
  • ate brownies
  • got groceries & makeup while in costume
  • read articles about the Muppets (Wired & InStyle magazines) while eating sushi
The costume did its job, which was: keep people laughing and cause me to feel goofy enough not to cry.

Here are some photos of Harry’s Big Day!

From left to right…
  • Row 1: Harry ponders his big day as he gets ready… Harry is afraid of his own eyebrows… Harry defends government information!
  • Row 2: Harry worries about packing his office… Harry defeats Darth Vader… Harry kicks back with a Diet Coke. (He’s concerned about calories.)
  • Row 3: Harry wins best costume… Harry thinks in the international foods aisle… Harry finds his favourite biscuits: Digestives!
  • Row 4: Harry ponders makeup… Harry makes surprising purchases at Kroger… Harry finds another use for magic wands: as chopsticks for sushi!

The whole costume only cost me $8. Here’s what I used:

  • eyebrows: mascara & black eyeliner pencil
  • lightning scar: bronze eyeliner pencil
  • face: covered my usual freckles with liquid foundation & powder
  • glasses: $6 on
  • hair: spray-on hair color, $2 at Target
  • scarf: knitted it myself last year
  • robe: my master’s graduation robes
  • Gryffindor patch: printed a template in grey, traced it by hand with markers, “laminated” with tape, and attached with safety pins
  • wand: fancy chopstick
  • Hedwig (owl): borrowed from the roomie
  • sweater, pants, shirt: in my closet
  • shoes: Sketcher sneakers (also in my closet)
  • tie: borrowed from the husband
  • *ahem* flat chest: nature & an enthusiastic sports bra
  • startled expression: already in my repertoire

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