Project Ukraine Updates

Been off work for a week, and SO MUCH to DO! I’ve been trying to post for ages, but my brain isn’t really operating in prime fashion, so… I give you this lovely bulleted list-styled update instead.

1) winter boots have been purchased!

  • DSW Bare Traps Cassiene Wedge, black
  • they fit all my priorities: comfort, style, waterproof, fur-lined for warmth, raised-but-not-dangerous-heel, and traction!

2) packing: 

  • kitchen done (thanks, Mom!)
  • library 3/4 done (thanks again to my Mom-O!)
  • clothes: still to go
  • assorted paper stuff: to be sorted, filed, packed
  • attic: still waiting

3) getting rid of things:

  • garage sale: huge success! stuff was taken, money was made
  • craigslist: occupies a lot of my time each day, but worth it
  • furniture: some interest, hoping to sell more of it soon
  • appliances: listing for sale at the end of the week-ish
  • vehicle: still for sale, but have had enquiries
  • house: still up for sale/rent
  • interested in anything? i’ve got a master list of items for sale on flickr
4) random things i’ve discovered while packing
  • 5 million tons of junk mail
  • this book i made
  • that i still own Breaking Dawn for some reason… (soon to be remedied by a) dropping it off at Half-Price Books, b) burning it, c) denial, or d) all of the above–which implies i leave it on the stoop of Half-Price Books in a flaming bag, hee hee hee)
  • 4 unused flashlights
  • 800 yards of cat5e (i’m estimating, ha)
  • a few socks that i had accused my dryer of stealing (ahem, er, apologies, Awesome Dryer. sorry about that.)

2 thoughts on “Project Ukraine Updates

  1. Claire says:

    Haha, this is an amazing list! I’m delighted by the idea of leaving Breaking Dawn in a flaming paper bag, oh, just about anywhere.

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