Thanksgiving Week Comedy of Errors

It’s been lovely having Todd and Jaime here to see our new stomping grounds, although our original trip as planned has run into a lot of kinks along the way… Our original plans were: Jaime & Todd fly to Kharkov with us, spend a few days in town, then we all spend Wednesday through Saturday in Istanbul (Turkey Day in Turkey!)

But then…

  • Jaime had to fly separately from/to Seattle because of work training
  • because of this, the plans were for her to spend one less day in Istanbul
  • then Jaime’s work training was cancelled (after we bought plane tickets), but she still had to fly into Kiev separately from us…
  • and also had to buy an expensive ticket from Austin to Seattle and back, so her tickets would still work
  • then Alex’s work schedule changed, so the new plan was Jaime/Todd go to Istanbul on Thursday and Alex/I go on Friday
  • then last night, ALL flights to/from Istanbul/Kharkov were cancelled until December 1 (runway construction in Kharkov)
  • and the Istanbul hotel doesn’t want to refund our deposit, even though we can’t get to Istanbul anyway (we’ll protest this again later)
  • and THEN yesterday poor Jaime got sick

So… the upside is, at least we all get to be together and we had a good time in our room last night ordering room service with Jaime periodically falling asleep cuddling one of us. We spent hours trying to find alternate routes to Istanbul or alternate destinations, and in the end, since Jaime is sick, we may try for some day trips from Kharkov and perhaps some extra time in Kiev at the end of the week. I’m disappointed, though probably less so than anyone else–I really just enjoy having the company and spending time adjusting to my new surroundings.


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