Snapshots of Expat Life, Week 2

I’m working furiously refining my dissertation topic in hopes that I can finish my proposal in time for a January defense, which is leaving little time for anything else. In place of all the thoughtful blog posts I planned to write, here are some random observations, thoughts, and instances:

  • it was in the teens and twenties Fahrenheit last week, thirties/forties in Kiev this weekend (positively WARM by comparison), and looks like twenties and thirties for much of this week
  • seen snow in some isolated spots on the ground, had a day of drizzly rain, otherwise mostly clear
  • i’m meeting up Thursday with a gal who was our waitress last week & speaks good English–hoping to make a local friend!
  • we haven’t arranged Russian language tutoring yet, but i’ve learned a few words… but i’m still completely useless for saying much beyond yes, no, and my all-purpose: thank you (anything else i learn falls out of my head in a panic which i have the need to respond in Russian, sigh)
  • our hotel room carpet, curtains, walls, and bedding are all warm-palette colors–it makes your eyeballs think your internal white-balance is off
  • local shops carry my hair dye brand (Garnier)… but it doesn’t come with a mixing container, so i used a hotel teacup (may they forgive me)
  • so far i’ve survived the scalding-versus-freezing shower… even though we’re in a super-nice hotel, water temperature is impossible to control
  • there are some very cold condoms in our room’s mini-fridge-bar… just seems wrong. and uncomfortable!
  • making great dissertation progress, it feels luxurious to have time and brain-space to think!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Save some pumpkin pie for me. 

3 thoughts on “Snapshots of Expat Life, Week 2

  1. warmaiden says:

    Jealous of the brain time and space…I just pitched to my committee-chair-to-be that I might have to expat to write the dissertation just to keep everything else from encroaching 🙂

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