Here We Go Again

We’ve been home about three weeks–since December 18th–and yet it feels like it’s been 4 days, for all the insane running around we’ve done the entire time. Out of the long list of people I hoped to visit, I only hit a minuscule few out-of-town visitors. Tomorrow is our last day in the states until May, and I’ve still got a long list of errands as well as five suitcases and two carry-on bags to pack. Somehow, I’m a lot calmer about it than I was leaving in November… either that’s an improvement or a sign that the stress level has skyrocketed to levels where I don’t care anymore. I think it’s an improvement… probably. Yippee?

We’ve got the last season of Star Trek Voyager ripping on DVD right now (three DVD drives humming along at once–geekery at its finest). We just paid a bunch of year-end bills. I made a long to-do list for tomorrow. Laundry is in the dryer. Morning alarm is set. We’re in the home stretch and just about ready to take off again. And it feels good.

Now, if I can just prioritize  which clothing, yarn, travel guides, and shoes to bring, I’ll be set.


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