Packing Up

Tonight, we’re on the overnight train to Kiev for our three-week Asia trip. It will take us two days to get to Pune, India, where Alex will be business-ing & I will be dissertation-ing. Then it’s vacation in Cambodia (after, wait for it, one night in Bangkok) for nearly a week to see Angkor Wat & celebrate Alex’s birthday. Finally, we’re back to Thailand for a couple days on Phuket beaches, a week on a dive boat, and a couple more beach days before heading back to Kharkov!

I spent much of today digitizing key pages from our 3,000-pound guidebooks so I wouldn’t have to lug them around (huzzah for an iPhone and CamScanner Pro!). Last night, we packed up all our stuff–the stuff Alex has had in Ukraine for three years, the stuff we brought out in November, & the stuff we brought back this month. Hopefully it will all be moving into our new apartment when we’re back on February–cross your fingers!

Here’s a visual display of our expat stuff. Just because I had a pen and some paper & my iPhone battery was dead. (It needed a break from all the guidebook scanning!)


technical difficulties posting images from iPhone…here are links:


2 thoughts on “Packing Up

  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh my goodness, Starr, if I hadn’t broken my ankle, I would have been in Cambodia around the same time! If you are interested, I can connect you with the non-profit that I’ve been involved with over there. They could arrange for you to visit a school, which is absolutely the best thing that I did over there. The director of the non-profit also runs a fabulous guesthouse (opened about a year ago) and could help you find a tour guide for the temples…highly recommended approach. I have stayed in touch with this woman ever since I visited in 2007, and I trust her with my life. She met me at my guesthouse when I first arrived and looked out for me the entire time I was there. Another person from the non-profit is a Texan who has relocated to Cambodia. Really, really cool people. I can’t say enough good things about them!

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