One Night in Bangkok

Full disclosure: this gets kinda gross. Okay, I warned you!


We actually did nothing but sleep on our one night in Bangkok, and here’s why. On the plane trip from Mumbai to Bangkok, I had a raging sinus headache. By the time we reached the taxi to our hotel, it was making me nauseous, it hurt so much. Add to that, the nausea from entering the airplane bathroom after a dude threw up something fuschia in thentoilet & didn’t flush. Add to that the plane food… Indian plane food. Chicken curry. On a plane. Somehow both Alex and I thought this was an okay idea.

Just two minutes before our car pulled up at our hotel, I threw up in my mouth. We were in a car, no trashcan or plastic bag, nothing–so I swallowed it. And it came back up. I knew we were nearly to that hotel, so another swallow (shudder). Alex, concerned at my weird convulsions, reached forward to ask what was wrong and touch my back just as it came up a third time–that was all she wrote. Full-on projectile vomiting, all over myself and the poor dude’s car door, thirty seconds before we got to the hotel.

Let me explain something to you. Indian spices. Came. Up. My. Nose.

So, not just the bile but also the curry burned my throat and nose so bad that I couldn’t stop salivating for 20 minutes. While we got out of the car. While we walked into the hotel. While Alex got us checked in. I only had a packet of wetwipes (and a cool cloth the nice hotel people brought), so I basically hacked and drooled into it while my eyes streamed tears from the hacking and the pain of curry up my poor dang nose.

Once we got to our room, I tried to clean myself a bit, finally stopped drooling, and fell into bed while Alex foraged. He bought me crackers and sparkling water, and after snacking on them I slept like the dead. Ugh.

Luckily, though, we had a lovely time in Bangkok the next day. We walked by the Erawan Shrine, then rode the Skytrain out to the awesome weekend market. We had shrimp pad thai at a restaurant that was basically tables, a tarp, coolers of drinks, and a hot plate on the sidewalk–delicious. The market was super-amazing in terms of the stuff, the food to snack on, and the nutty people. There was an old Thai dude with a mohawk, a zillion tattoos, and a bunch of wooden–let’s call them large phallic-shaped pendants–around his neck. And a vaguely-Scandinavian-looking woman was wearing a baby. Just a baby. Okay, ostensibly she had on the tinest shorts I’ve ever seen and a barely-there string bikini, but the baby in the diaper strapped to her was the most modest part of her outfit.

Then it was back to the hotel for our stuff and off to the airport to get to Cambodia!


7 thoughts on “One Night in Bangkok

    • Starr Hoffman says:

      it. was. TERRIBLE. but in retrospect, it’s awesome that it makes for such a hilariously awful story… you know me, anything to get someone to laugh, right? πŸ˜€ the HUGS definitely helped. πŸ˜‰

  1. cynthiabeard says:

    Yikes! Travel food is always an issue. Glad the entire stop wasn’t a bust. Bangkok is definitely a different world…and different from the rest of Thailand.

    I sent you an email message via FB to introduce you to the non-profit folks I had mentioned before. Sorry I didn’t do that before now. I’m also going to send a copy of the message to your email address. Happy travels! Oh, and I’m sometimes overwhelmed when people tell me that I *must* dine or go to one place or another, but I would like to suggest that you stop by the Blue Pumpkin for a croissant or scoop of gelato. It’s surreal!

    • Starr Hoffman says:

      you were SO RIGHT about the Blue Pumpkin!!! we hated to leave it… and in fact ate at the airport one before we left, just to say goodbye. i love the big couches, the gelato (HOLY CRAP the four spices flavor is HEAVEN IN A CONE), the wifi, the everything about it… man, now i’m missing it again.

      think i can get them to let me open a franchise location in Kharkov? πŸ˜€

  2. Jared says:

    You have my sympathies, but I am trying So Hard to avoid cracking up at work right now. I’m amazed you were brave enough to eat like that the next day.

    • Starr Hoffman says:

      bahahahahaha yeah it made me laugh, too (well about three days later). now we’re back in India, i haven’t had any Indian food again yet… kind of hoping to avoid it altogether somehow because the word “CURRY” still makes me stomach quake in fear….

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