Apartment Denizens

We don’t have much in the apartment right now… a few groceries, some clothes (though not nearly as much as it seemed when we lived out of suitcases!), and a bunch of gear for cameras, scuba diving, and snow boarding. Here are a few of the creatures and comforts currently sharing our space.

Chloe, the Aloe plant

Those of you who visited our home in Frisco probably “met” our plants and thus noticed that I have a habit of naming them. (Hey, we don’t have pets.) There are the three aloes in one pot (Larry, Moe, and Curly), and the lone aloe in a second pot (Shemp, of course), and Carl the Consumptive, a weak butterfly plant who finally died before our move. In early years were my dearly-departed orchids, Bob and Fred (which were replaced by a silk version, Princess Consuela). Anyway… Alex came up with the name for Chloe, and I think it suits her well.

Also in this photo: my tiny painting of Nessie, and a glass of shells and coral we picked up in Thailand.

Ganesh the Pot-Bellied

We got this little guy in Cambodia. I love that he’s holding not only one of his tusks, but what looks like a fork… appropriate both for his current spot in our kitchen, and for his ample belly. He does love his noms!

Elephant Bell

Got this in Cambodia, too (from the Old Market, which is a constant cacophony of “Hi mister, hi lady, want something?”). The story is that it’s an old temple bell, but like all “antiques” in the Cambodian markets, I have doubts it had a life before it was marketed to tourists. It’s verrrry loud and clangy, just what all our apartment-neighbors want to hear when it’s used for calling Alex to dinner. Well, not really.

Little Painting From Lviv

Alex bought this on a weekend trip and surprised me with it when I visited Kharkov last summer. If I’m reading the Ukrainian on the back correctly, the artist is Anna Foolkina, and the title is в мріях, which is something like In Dreams. It’s tiny and beautiful and I can’t wait to find a place to hang it!


At some point they’ll put some bookshelves in the apartment, but for now, this is the spot we’ve got for them. It’s mostly travel books, Russian-language kid books & dictionaries, and dissertation books. I can’t wait to add more!

Monkey King & Archer Statues

We got both of these in Cambodia. Once we have two desks, and thus our computer moves onto one of them, then we can reclaim the coffee table for the living room, and these can go on it. For now, they’re sitting on the floor beneath the living room TV, appearing very protective of the technology that brings pop culture streaming into our apartment. The monkey king in particular is fond of our nightly marathons of old Friends episodes. (Although for a twist, he hates all the episodes with Ross’s monkey Marcel. He doesn’t like the way the monkey interrupts the narrative flow and implies that all primates fling poo. I quite agree with him on both points.)

Mangrove-Bark Flower

The guys who paddle the kayaks for the hong (lagoon) tours in Phang Nga Bay pass these out. It survived the trip back in our suitcases, against our expectations! Since we’ve got few places to keep things, I rinsed out a glass coke bottle and wrapped some leftover twine on the top. Instant makeshift vase!

Couch Stuffs

And here’s the living room couch, which during the day holds assorted dissertation books, notebooks, my laptop, and my phone. By night, it holds Alex and I while we eat dinner and watch stuff on the TV the statues are guarding. And that’s about all I got to say about that.


5 thoughts on “Apartment Denizens

  1. Chris says:

    Me likey. 🙂 *nods head* Oh, and I LOVE the Monkey King and the Elephant Bell. I need both of those. Hehehe…

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