The Neverending Cycle of Edit

I’m getting to the saturation point of my dissertation. There are passages I could probably quote by heart. And yet somehow, each time I read or even skim through it, I find more words to cut or change or, worse yet, gaps. It’s amazing the amount of effort it takes to synthesize a research project properly, let alone doing so in a very specific template according to the sometimes-wonky rules of APA formatting. (I will never, ever understand why book titles are headline-capitalized in the body of the text, but sentence-capitalized in the References list. My best guess is that it’s simply a way to tell if sleep-deprived graduate students are paying attention to their formatting. Evil, right?)

It’s coming together, but it still requires an unreal amount of work before I can (hopefully) submit it to my committee next week. Hence the reason that I’ve been off the blog and fairly inactive on Facebook. Instragram and the occasional  tweet are my infrequent outlets online, mostly because they’re the least distracting. (And yes, I’ve fallen prey to the awesomeness of Draw Something. Nothing like exchanging hilariously awful sketches with your friends online!)

We should be returning to Ukraine May 4th, and I’m hoping to defend my proposal to my committee over Skype by mid-month. It’s hard to believe that after all this time and work, I’ll finally be able to move forward with the research itself–huzzah!


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