Crossover of Certain Doom

Crossover of Certain Doom

This little guy just popped into my brain today.

It’s sad, really. Between the Star Wars trope that he’s a terrible shot and the Star Trek trope that nameless redshirts die horrible deaths… he’s not long for this world.

I considered having him hold a target as well, but that seemed unnecessarily mean.


3 thoughts on “Crossover of Certain Doom

  1. Kathy says:

    Yep, you always knew on ST that if a landing party dude was someone you hadn’t seen before then he was going to buy it…

    • Starr Hoffman says:

      my favorite moment in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is when Kirk and Sulu beam down with the random redshirt… and the redshirt bites it. i laugh so hard every time–that’s geek dark humor for you. 🙂

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