Survey Approved! (Thank You, IRB)

I just got approval for my dissertation study from UNT’s IRB (for more on that process, read here)! HUZZAH!

I’ve just sent out emails asking a few people to take the pilot version of my study. Their responses will help me tweak the survey, if needed, as well as to better estimate how long the survey will take to complete. Then I hope to send out all 2,500+ invitations to take the final online survey at either the end of next week, or beginning of the following one.

If you are a top- or second-level administrator at an academic library (Dean, Director, University Librarian, and/or associate/deputy to those positions) and are interested in participating in this survey, please let me know and I’ll be sure your updated contact information is in my participant list. (I’m drawing information from the Higher Education Directory.) If you work with or know an administrator at an academic library, please let them know they’ll be hearing from me soon–I’d love to get as broad a sample as possible! I can be reached through comments on this post,as well as via Twitter, Facebook, or email. I appreciate all responses, mentions, and good vibes sent my way, and will reciprocate by answering your own carefully constructed survey whenever possible! And now, here’s a cartoonish sketch indicating how much I’d appreciate your help…

What am I studying? You’re either new to this blog, or somehow not tired of hearing my dissertation research. Either way, here you are!

Purpose of the Study
There are currently no agreed-upon standards of preparation or education for academic library administrators. In addition, there is little information comparing the effectiveness of existing preparatory methods. The purpose of this study is to discover current trends in education, training, and other administrative preparation among current academic library administrators, and which of these preparatory methods are perceived as effective.

The results of this survey may inform search committees about common and relevant backgrounds for academic library administrators, and may impact the education and support of librarians who hope to become future academic library administrators.

You can read more about this study, including my research questions, here: 


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