Pilot Down, Full Survey Launches Monday!

Just a quick update to say a huge THANKS to those who participated in my pilot survey over the past week. The survey results, comments, and critiques were extremely helpful!

After reviewing the feedback, I’ve made edits to the survey, and am now re-submitting them to IRB for modification approval. Assuming re-approval comes quickly, I’m hoping to open the full, final survey on Monday and leave it open for two weeks. After all this time, being on the cusp of receiving the actual data on which I’ll be building the final two chapters of my dissertation… it’s amazing. It’s a smidge bit scary (mostly because this means I’ll have to brush up my SPSS statistical chops to deal with that data), but overall it’s really exciting.

I sent out a “save the date” email to my sample last Monday letting them know that the survey is coming soon, both to increase their awareness of the survey and to verify my sample contact information. I was surprised and encouraged by many positive responses indicating interest in the survey and the final results. It’s incredible how research-focused, enthusiastic, and considerate the community of academic librarians and academic library administrators is!

I’d post more, but I’ve got to refresh my email obsessively until IRB responds. REFRESH.



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