In Which I Obtain Results

Happy Kharkov Independence Day! And tomorrow Alex is off work for Ukrainian Independence Day. Huzzah!

Since we got back from New York City two weeks ago, I’ve been busy nearly nonstop. My dissertation survey is live, and I never realized how much time all the emailing would take. There are emails to send out before the survey, emails launching the survey, reminder and thank you emails, and most important and time-consuming of all, responding to individual survey participants who have questions or non-working survey links. Or, in many cases, saying thanks to the many gracious people who took the time to say encouraging words about my research–academic librarians are awesome! It’s extremely satisfying to survey a population that is so invested and interested in academic research.

Thus, my silence on this blog, and my increasingly incoherent blatherings on Twitter as I seek a social outlet between emails.

Now, I’m splitting my time between the last rounds of emails, revising Chapter 3 (Methodology), testing statistical analyses on my pilot data, and starting Chapter 4 (Results). RESULTS. What a magical, satisfying, and utterly terrifying word! It means that I’ve actually gathered all that data I started out to get–hooray!–and now must start pounding it into statistical submission–hooray and egads and wow!

One day, though, I will be done. And that day is quickly approaching.

And then I might blog about something other than my dissertation progress. Like those trips we took earlier this year, and more about what living in Ukraine is like, and how I’m really enjoying cooking from scratch all the time (possibly because it’s something OTHER than my dissertation).

For now, I’ll split my time between Qualtrics, SPSS, Word, Excel, and email. Bye!


2 thoughts on “In Which I Obtain Results

  1. dawn1952 says:

    Was just wondering about you! I am having surgery on my second eye on Sept. 6th! Then we go back to help the parents in Kc get ready for winter & fix things for them ! My sister Paula is in the hospital with anemia & pneumonia! Please pray!! Love ya Momo Sent from my iPhone

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