The Home Stretch (Dissertation)

I have a million half-written blog posts (both drafts in WordPress, and notes in my mind). I have a billion emails to answer. I don’t think I’ve spoken with my poor parents, other family members, or friends on Skype in… I don’t want to think about how long. But in the words of Robert Frost, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

I promise, I’m alive and kicking. I love and miss you all. I will return to my regularly-scheduled life. But first: I have to push through my final dissertation draft edits, and submit it to my committee. (Then I get three weeks of waiting around and biting my nails–er, I mean preparing my presentation–before my dissertation defense on October 19th.)

In the meantime, I leave you with a list of things that have fueled my dissertation:

  • Sharpie gel highlighters
  • a highly nerdy and unhealthy curiosity about everything (this both spurred me to get a PhD and causes me to neglect my dissertationing due to internet-related distractions)
  • coffee
  • the patience, love, and understanding of my best-friend-husband
  • music (including but not limited to: Feist, Infected Mushrooms, David Guetta, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Collective Soul, and CAKE)
  • the patience, love, and understanding of my family and friends (and their willingness to have relationships with me thru email, Facebook, and Twitter!)
  • UNT Library‘s awesome distance-learner services & online resources
  • my truly awesome major prof, Dr. C. (and his sense of humor!)
  • repeated viewings of Star Trek: TNG Friends (as decompression, as comfort, as background noise)
  • my trusty laptop (and in airports and hotels, my iPhone and iPad)
  • a large helping of self-efficacy thanks to my parents
  • BOOKS. soooo many books!
  • graphing-paper notebooks, mechanical pencils, and rainbow-colored pens
  • numerous colors, sizes, & styles of post-it notes (primarily as bookmarks for the umpteen-kajillion books and articles I’ve referred to)

And there you have it. Just add water, a few years of courses, several student loans, and minus a few braincells, and *POOF!*: dissertation. (Or… something like that.)

Also, I’m taking suggestions as to celebratory head-gear after a (PLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE) successful (*crosses fingers, prays, tosses salt over shoulder, knocks on wood, etc.*) dissertation defense. Thoughts? I was originally thinking a purple glittery cardboard crown with “Princess, PhD” written on it in silver (and RHINESTONES!!1!), but then I saw these inflatable unicorn horns… and these caps (PhDiva, anyone?)… or I could take a traditional doctoral tam & Bedazzle it… Please, comment below and/or take bets on what I’ll wear!


8 thoughts on “The Home Stretch (Dissertation)

  1. Justin M. says:

    I have to second the microfiche idea. Even if the whole headgear isn’t microfiche, I think it must be somehow incorporated!

  2. Maxxy says:

    WOW – I had to read one of those acouple of time’s – you know, the one where I THOUGHT you said ” ■the patience, love, and understanding of my best-friends-husband ” – I thought you have one SPECIAL best friend there !!!! ROFL.. 😉

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