AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month)

I’m currently working on copy edits for my dissertation (the last step, hurrah!). Interestingly enough, I’ve already “graduated” according to the Graduate School–curious that this last step of the process comes afterward. Once the edits are final and it’s been uploaded into the UNT Libraries’ Digital Collections, I’ll link to it here.

My other project this month (for #acwrimo) is a chapter for the upcoming book Leadership in Academic Libraries Today, and an article based on some of my dissertation results. One of the most difficult aspects of the article is choosing which results to focus on first. Because of the large quantities of data I gathered, I’m hoping to publish the results in three articles, divided into thematic chunks of data. I plan to focus on the educational results first. I’m still in the stage of tweaking my outlines and adding ideas in bulleted lists under each section.

So much data to process and think about and disseminate through conferences and publishing… and already my brain is pondering the next research project!


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