CLIR Workshop, Photos

It’s been a busy few weeks, what with painting and then moving into a new apartment. I’m looking forward to getting back into my regular schedule!

However, one great part of my non-usual-schedule last week was attending CLIR‘s workshop/seminar on Participatory Design in Academic Libraries at the University of Rochester, NY. I attended with my former UNT colleague and research partner, Annie Downey, who is now at Reed College in Portland. We saw some amazing research, but for now I’m just going to share some photos from the weekend. My favorite photos are of these amazing “League of Librarians” trading card-style business cards for the U of Rochester reference and liaison librarians! Now I’m pondering what design to use for my own similar card.



In the large photo, library ethnographic research expert Nancy Fried Foster (formerly of U Rochester, soon to be at Ithaka S+R) is on the left, and workshop convener Alice Bishop (of CLIR) is in the center. (The photo at bottom left is of my “magic wand”–everyone created one as a right-brain activity to help us brainstorm what we’d do in our libraries/research if we had no barriers.)
The Rush Rhees Library at Rochester is an intriguing mix of traditional and modern library spaces.

And this is a friendly owl, just one of the amazing architectural details of the Rush Rhees Library.


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