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About… Dr. Starr Hoffman

I’m an academic librarian working with journalism, social media, and supporting data-intensive research. I’m a NYC transplant, born in California and raised in Texas, and spent 2012 in Kharkov, Ukraine¬†finishing … Continue reading


Open Source vs. Open Access (vs. Free)

The near-simultaneous rise of interest in open source and open access in the context of academic libraries has made these concepts ripe for confusion. Adding to the confusion is the … Continue reading

2014.06.26 · Leave a comment

Insert Synonym for “Update” Here

I’ve been slowly plugging away at a few posts on my job hunt strategies. It may be a bit longer before I put them up here, simply because I have … Continue reading

2013.10.02 · 2 Comments

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That is one purple cactus! #nofilter #lookingdown #weekend #purple #cactus

Best recent purchase: $14 car shade that turned our Honda Pilot into the Millennium Falcon. #geekery @m_alex_h #weekend #starwars

Yesterday: end to a great first day at work! #latergram #newjob #librarianing #selfie #liedlibrary

Setting up my new office on Thursday. #latergram #newjob #liedlibrary

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