Publishing Tools

Tools to use for saving citations, locating appropriate journals, determining journal impact factors, formatting documents, and creating a publishing agreement addendum to retain copyright to your work.

Publication & Presenting Opportunities

A Library Writer’s Blog
Fantastic free source for calls for papers (CFPs) for conferences and journal issues, as well as calls for book chapters or volumes in a series, and notices of new academic journals. Also has a Twitter feed. Related links below.

Cabell’s Directory
Directory of publishing opportunities in various disciplines, including educational psychology and administration, and educational curriculum and methods.
Lists journals and other serials with information like publishing frequency, formats, and contact information. (Subscription-based.)

Serials Directory
Provides bibliographic information for a variety of serials/journals. (Subscription-based.)

Impact Factors & Citation Counts

Journal Citation Reports
Provides evaluative information on important journals in Social Sciences and Science disciplines. Includes the impact factor and immediacy index. (Subscription-based.)

Scopus, Web of Science
Database with details about journal impact factors and citations.

A citation index for free, online research literature. It harvests pre- and post- prints (most author self-archived) from OAI-PMH compliant archives, parses and links their references and indexes the metadata in a search engine. Citebase contains articles from physics, maths, information science, and (published only) biomedical papers.

Citations & Bibliographic Management

Publish or Perish
Publish or Perish is a software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. It obtains the raw citations, then analyzes these and presents various metrics.

An online research management tool that allows users to easily gather, manage, store, and share information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies in a variety of formats. Can also save article PDFs online. Free tool.

APA Style Manual (6th ed.)
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, frequently used for research in linguistics; human, behavioral, social, and political sciences; education; computer science and information management; business and management; and environmental and physical sciences.

  • Son of Citation Machine: APA Format, created by David Warlick of The Landmark Project, automatically generates citations in APA style based on information you enter into a template.
  • APA Quick Study, prepared by Dr. Abel Scribe Ph.D., is a concise guide to the basic features and essential rules of APA style.
  • APA Style Lite for College Papers, prepared by Russ Dewey and Dr. Abel Scribe Ph.D., provides a brief summary of rules for formatting papers and citing sources in APA format. The style sheet is also available in PDF Format for easy printing [requires Adobe Reader].
  • find more APA citation tools at the UNT Libraries.

Grammar & Style

The Elements of Style (Strunk & White)
Classic writing manual with revisions, an introduction, and a chapter on writing by E.B. White.

Copyright Resources

Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine
The SPARC Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine will help you generate a PDF form that you can attach to a journal publisher’s copyright agreement to ensure that you retain certain rights. Options include:  Access – Reuse (Science Commons / SPARC), Immediate Access, and Delayed Access.