Workshops, Facilitation, & Consulting

Consulting & Facilitation

My expertise includes strategic planning, assessment, research methodology and design, leadership in higher education, and organizational development. For more information, please contact me.


Creating an Assessment Plan: Aligning Metrics of Success.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to use their library’s strategic plan, data, and other information to craft an outcomes-based assessment plan with relevant metrics that are aligned to institutional goals. (Can be combined with the Data Inventory workshop, below, for a full day workshop.)

Creating a Data Inventory: Managing the What, Who, When, How, and Why of Data

Participants will learn how to create a data inventory that describes the data gathered in libraries, particularly data that is gathered as part of an assessment plan. Such an inventory can describe many different aspects of data, depending on the inventory’s purpose, but usually encompasses: what data is collected, how and when it’s collected, how it’s used, and where it is stored. (Can be combined with the Assessment Plan workshop, above, for a full day workshop.)

Data Collection & Research Design

Addresses the starting point of any assessment activity – an understanding of what data may be available to the investigator, what additional data may be needed, and the process of research design. Touches on privacy concerns in the gathering of data as well as the challenges of collecting and working with data contained in third-party provider systems.

Planning a Library Assessment Project

An introduction to library assessment and how to plan it. Covers the fundamentals of approaching assessment and the basics of any assessment project.

I have presented these and similar workshops for ACRL, ARL‘s Library Assessment Conference, NISO, the International Library Performance Measurement Conference (Northumbria Conference), and others.

Other workshop topics available:

    • Strategic planning (Strategic Planning for Academic Libraries, Ground-Up Strategic Planning)
    • Statistics and research (Survey Design, Setting a Research Agenda, Introduction to R for Data Analysis,  Merging Data in R)
    • Career development for academic librarians (Designing an Online Portfolio, How to Publish & Present Your Work, How to Interview for an Academic Librarian Position, How to Search for an Academic Librarian Position)