Open Source vs. Open Access (vs. Free)

The near-simultaneous rise of interest in open source and open access in the context of academic libraries has made these concepts ripe for confusion. Adding to the confusion is the presence of projects that are both open source and open access. Rather than cringing in silence when these terms are used interchangeably, I’m hoping to clarify the conversation. Note: I’m not an expert in either concept, so please feel free to research more and/or to add your comments. Continue reading

Copyright Workshop

Lilly & I are in Edmond, Oklahoma today at an all-day workshop on Copyright: Libraries & Fair Use in the Digital Age. The link points to my notes for the workshop (currently in-progress). If you’re accessing them on April 23rd, they might change throughout the day as I continue to take notes, but thereafter the content should be stable.

We just went over the Google Books settlement, which reminds me of Rebecca Blakeley‘s awesome presentation on linking to Google Books’ digitized government documents for documents in your collection that have been damaged or lost. I’m currently pondering how to incorporate Google Book links to Congressional Serial Set volumes into UNT’s inventory of serial set volumes.